Flickring for iPad

Flickring HD by Pixite

Flickring HD is a powerful yet simple Flickr app for iPad. Browse, upload, and share your Flickr photos and videos. Wirelessly stream them to your Apple TV via AirPlay. All this and more in an app that feels just like the native Photos app. View in iTunes ▸

"Flickring is great and is the only parent-proof Flickr client among many that I tried as a replacement for MobileMe Gallery."

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  • Browse and search your sets and tags
  • Automatically cache your photos and view them offline
  • Explore your contacts' photos and videos
  • Enjoy your photos in full-size (Flickr Pro accounts)


  • Email photos, photoset links, and tag links
  • Play slideshows
  • Stream your photos and videos to Apple TV using AirPlay
  • Mail postcards of your favorite photos


  • Quickly upload multiple photos and videos
  • Use other apps while uploading in the background
  • Resize photos for faster uploads
  • Reorder and strip location data from uploads


  • Edit captions, sets, tags and privacy settings
  • Add and remove photos and videos from sets
  • Add and remove tags from photos and videos
  • Delete photos and videos from your account

We’re Pixite. We created Flickring HD. You can check out our other apps, follow us on twitter or contact us.